Frequent questions

What kind of properties can I find on the market in Florida ?

You can find a wide variety of properties in Florida, including vacant lands, homes,
luxury homes, in land homes, beach front homes, apartments, condominiums,
townhouses and commercial properties, exploring different areas and amenities in
each of them, which fit what you are looking for.
Being some like golf courses, swimming pools, gyms, recreational areas locates
everywhere in the center of the city or far from the city if is your preference, special
communities for people over 55 years of age, among many other things! Florida is
the Paradise State!!!


What services do you provide to sellers and buyers?

We provide services such as

1. In case of sellers Inspect the house before put in the market, and give you
oppinion about some updates «to do» before that for can get the major amount
possible in the transaction in your favor.

2. Property valuation

3. Marketing

4. Property listing

5. Negotiation assistance

6. Legal guidance

7. Transaction management

What should i consider when i'm choosing a location for a property?

Well, the first question is: Is a property to live or is a investment property?

After that question we can think about factors like
Proximity to work, schools, amenities, safety, neighborhood quality, potential for
growth, property value trends, etc. However, don’t worry about it, we
understand that is much information to review at the same time, but we are here to
help and we take care of all the factors for you.

How does the property purchase process work?

The property purchase process involves several essential steps that we carefully guide you
through. First at all it’s important to ask the question How the property will be purchased ?
There’s only 2 options:

  •  Cash: If you’re purchasing the property with cash, we’ll proceed directly to the steps below.
  • Finance: If you’re considering financing, we have a dedicated mortgage broker who can
    assist you in exploring various financing options. This involves evaluating factors such as
    your income and credit score.

For financing, the steps are as follows:

  • Find a Property: We’ll help you search and identify properties that match your preferences.
  • Make an Offer: Once you’ve found a property you’re interested in, we’ll assist you in
    preparing and submitting an offer.
  • Conduct Inspections: After your offer is accepted, we can help you to arrange inspections to
    ensure the property is in good condition.
  • Negotiate Terms: We’ll help you negotiate with the seller to agree on terms that suit both
  • Securing Financing: With our mortgage broker’s assistance, you’ll secure the financing that
    aligns with your needs.
  • Complete Legal Documentation: We’ll guide you through the necessary legal paperwork to
    ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Transferring Ownership: The final step involves the legal transfer of ownership, completing
    the purchase process.

At every stage, we provide expert guidance and support to ensure that your property
purchase journey is seamless and successful.

What financing options are available for buying a property?

Financing options we can include mortgages, loans, and other financial arragements
provided by banks, credit unions, and lending institutions. Also the goverment has a
few programs to help first buyers to buy their first house like VA and FHA loans, for
more information about it and how you can qualify for them don’t hesitate to contact
me , and i’ll be more than happy to help you.

What should I consider when I'm looking to sell my property?

When considering selling your property, there are key aspects to keep in mind. You’ll want to
assess the market trends

  • Is it currently a buyer’s or seller’s market? The property’s location
    is crucial, as well as addressing any necessary repairs before listing it. Researching
    comparable properties will also provide valuable insights. While this may seem like a lot to
    manage, don’t worry
  • I’m here to assist you every step of the way, turning your goal into a
    successful reality. Let’s move forward together.